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Puppy Grooming Expectations


From the puppy's perspective, there are so many new experiences with a new person, new noises, and new feelings. Easy, slow introductions are generally the best idea, always moving at the puppy's pace.

The first few grooms are usually very basic introductions.

For a puppy intro from Purple Paw, that means:

•Table time - pup is allowed to walk on the table with some limitation from a grooming loop.

•Handling feet, ears, face, with some positive reinforcement and a few small treats.

•Bath time - a tearless sugar scrub facial, a shampoo and conditioner chosen to suit pups coat and skin.

•Towel dried as much as possible

•Intro to the blow dryer, one of the more difficult parts of the groom for many dogs.

•Nail trim

•Intro to a nail file - another loud tool with an odd sensation for their feet!

•Teeth brushing

•Ear cleaning

•Brushing and combing

•Intro to clippers and shears

Anything labeled "intro" is going to be more or less a bit difficult for a puppy compared to other tasks. These are tasks that they may not have seen anything like at your home and often not with their mothers either.

Why is the dryer the hardest part?

The dryer can be a little intimidating to many pups as its a bit loud AND an odd feeling. Many pups haven't felt wind directly on their skin much, if at all, and can spook some of them. Lots of reassurance and short sessions with some positive reinforcement goes right along with dryer intros.


How can you help your puppy get used to grooming?

Consistency! Set up regular, frequent appointments to help your puppy experience the process regularly. At home, you can use an electric toothbrush on feet and around their body to simulate hair clippers and a nail file to reinforce the training at the groomer. A silver metal spoon works great to brush their face to simulate shears.


Grooming can be A LOT for a puppy. Going through the process at their pace can make everyone's life much easier - and set them up to enjoy a regular, necessary part of their life.

Pricing is based on time taken. Pet size, behavior, coat type/condition, and style of cut vary. Please request an estimate based your individual pet and desired services.

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