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The Importance of Nail Maintenance

Groomed nails are not a cosmetic luxury for pets, it's absolutely a necessity to maintain your pet's nails at a healthy length.
Once nails reach a certain length, they can be a very real problem. From minor discomfort while standing and moving, to worsening arthritis in older pets and making basic mobility difficult. It can even cause irreversible damage to the feet and legs if left too long over time. If your dog's nails hit the floor when standing, they are putting pressure on your pet's paws and legs.

Common problems caused by overgrown nails include:
• Splayed foot - Flat feet offer little support to the rest of the body
• Traction issues - Slipping, stairs become more difficult
• Arthritic changes in the toes and legs - Often permanent and painful

In these images, you can see in the 'before' the toes are at a different angle than the relaxed toes in the 'after'. They are forced into unnatural (and uncomfortable!) positions by the overgrown nails, which reduces mobility of the whole foot and sometimes legs.

You can prevent or correct some issues by keeping your pet on a regular nail maintenance program. As a bonus, most dogs who dislike having their nails done at first will learn to tolerate the process when it is done regularly!

The Importance of Nail Maintenance
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